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About the Jar filling process:

  • Once jars received for refilling every jar is manually checked for odour and foreign particles.
  • Outer washing done with auto washing machine.
  • Pre inner washing with mechanical jet wash.
  • Jars move to inner wash area after checking every jar with powerful light assuring for inner wash.
  • Inner wash done for every jar around 5 minutes with special nozzles wide rotate 360 deg with different disinfection agents.
  • The inside washing room & filling room is environment free area having Hepa filter of 10000 class, in sterile condition. To ensure nil bacteriological assurance to the TEAM packaged drinking water with Hygienic Practice.
  • Jars move for Auto filling and Auto capping.
  • Once jars filled it comes out in an auto conveyor.
  • Every jar checked with powerful illumination light to ensure quality.
  • Special Hologram sticker is pasted on the Cap.
  • UV radiation is given for each jar.
  • After assurance and clearance given by the QC Dept as per BIS test norms the jar will be despatched to customers.

About the Ozonation:

Passing ozone for Disinfection process. Ozone rapidly destroys bacteria, and virus. Ozone is 100% environmental friendly. Ozone does not leave any toxic, residual or by-product in water, It improves taste and clarity of final product water and is fit for 100% safe drinking, We are maintaining 0.2 ppm ozone in the water assuring Quality and Safe drinking of TEAM Packaged drinking water. Chemical and bacteriological test is done in our in-house Qc Lab assuring the quality of our product and we are more concerned about the health of you and your family members.

Periodical Test:

Random sample is given to various BIS recognized Labs to assure the Quality and Portability of our product by TEAM.

Ultrafiltration (UF)

The final stage of process is Ultra filtration. The Filter consist of HOLLOW FIBRE MEMBRANES of less than 0.01mm pore size which retain the Bacteria, Virus, Cyst & Giridia which are harmful pathogens. By using this filtration at point of use ensure that water coming out of process will be pure.

Sample Test

Random samples from daily production batch of 20 liters are collected by QC In-charge. Chemical & Microbiological tests are done in the lab and all the parameters are recorded in the register assigned by Lab Chemist & DGM Quality Control. The product is certified by BIS for ISI mark.

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